This organization was built around what this organization was founded under. RACING!  A big problem soldiers face when they get home is they desire the adrenaline that they experience while in a war zone. This is why many soldiers will volunteer to go back multiple times. With this program we work to supplement that need by taking vets to local and national races as well as putting them in the drivers seat themselves. We have done anything from dirt track to Indycar racing. These outings are always a huge hit with veterans, even those who have never been to a racing event before. It is also a great way to reestablish the brotherhood which is the next program we offer.


One thing we hear a lot from vets is that they miss the brotherhood that they had with their fellow soldiers. We work to reestablish that by having multiple outings with vets from around the area. It is a known fact within the veteran community that no one can replace a brother or sister in the military because they will literally die for you and your battle buddies. These outings range from camping to paintball or hunting and fishing. Keep an eye out for these outings in your area, you will not want to miss them!