Our Team

Dustin E Hartley (Founder)


Mr. Hartley spent 7 years in the Army National Guard where he was deployed to Iraq and was sent on various humanitarian missions. A very active member of the community where he manages a youth baseball organization. Founded Operation Untiltheresnone after he lost a battle buddy to PTSD in 2015. Spends what little free time he has making memories with his family. Proud son of a Marine vet and has had many members of his family serve in various branches of the military through many generations. You can reach him at (740)412-8678 or d.hartley@untiltheresnone.org

Nicholas Smith


Mr. Smith spent 5 years active duty in the US Army. One tour with the 37th combat engineers division in Iraq. Lives in Columbus, Ohio where he was recently married to his wife Courtney. He is an active member in his community and dedicated board member to Operation Untiltheresnone. He can be reached at (740)274-5709 or n.smith@untiltheresnone.org

Kayla Hartley


Kayla is the proud wife of an Army Veteran, a proud supporter of all military, dedicated EMT, devoted mother of 4 sons,1 daughter. She proudly supports and volunteers her time to be actively involved in not only this organization but the community as well. As a volunteer EMT, baseball manager/coach’s wife, and participating in school and extra curricular functions with her children. She can be reached at 740 542 0906 via call or text or email at k.hartley@untiltheresnone.org.

Nathan Sauder

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Sauder is the step-father to 3 veterans. Nathan unfortunately lost one of his step-sons to PTSD. He resides in Archbold Ohio where he is an independent AMSOIL Dealer. He is a very active and dedicated board member to Operation Untiltheresnone. He can be reached at (419)572-1100 or nts25koil@gmail.com

Barbi Karr

Chief Operating Officer

Served 8 years in the US Army/Army Reserves. Ms. Karr has a bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration. Ms. Karr is the proud granddaughter of a Marine Veteran. Ms. Karr suffers from PTSD and in 2015 Ms. Karr lost a friend (a former Ohio National Guard Member) to suicide due to his own battle with PTSD. Ms. Karr has personal experience in dealing with helping other with addiction, suicide, and domestic violence. Ms. Karr is an active member in her community, is a single mother of two, and spends her spare time with her children and family. She can be reached at (740) 412-8153 or b.karr@untiltheresnone.org.

Bill Miller 


Proud husband, father, and papaw. Mr. Miller is an important part of Operation Untiltheresnone reaching their goal to end Veteran Suicide. He may be reached at (740) 253-0315 or b.miller@untiltheresnone.org.

Larry Robertson


Chief Development Officer

Mr. Robertson is the son of a Vietnam Veteran, grandson of a WWII Veteran and a friend to all that served and their families. He may reached at (740) 708-2993 or l.robertson@untiltheresnone.org.